Spanish Intensive and Private Course at Shanti-Som

Spanish Intensive and Private Course at Shanti-Som

This week we have been doing a Spanish Intensive and Private Course at Shanti-Som.

Our student from the United States and living in Dublin has been practising his Spanish for more than 15 hours. Based in face-to-face communication, we completed a course covering core grammar aspects, with emphasis on verb tenses. Concurrently, we have conversed about many different topics that have allowed him to expand and improve his vocabulary for daily real situations in any Spanish-speaking country.

Shanti-Som is a wonderful and quiet place that helps students concentrate and develop a better understanding of the Spanish language. Plus a guided-tour around the most distinguished places in Marbella make for a much more attractive and dynamic programme for students.

Immersion in Spanish culture and a location with the above characteristics have made this intensive course more beneficial than simple and traditional language lessons.


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