Our programmes

Spanish immersion (8 days/ 7 nights)

Conversation dynamics all day, including during breakfast, lunch and dinner without leaving the language immersion experience even briefly. You will listen to different Spanish accents and have more than 90 hours of learning with our Spanish Speakers. 8 days and 7 nights in an incredible location surrounded by nature and beach..

Spanish Immersions Weekends

If you are not able to come for a whole week, but the immersion experience sounds appealing, then come and immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture for a weekend!! You won’t regret it!!

Tailor-made programmes

If you would like to improve your Spanish and also spend some time indulging in your favourite activities, such as playing golf, practising yoga, visiting tourist sites, eating in restaurants, etc, then LinguaSur can organize a tailor-made immersion programme; combining the language learning experience with what you like most. Now is your opportunity!!

Individual lessons

Although LinguaSur believes that the immersion method is the most effective way of learning a language, we realise that many of you live busy lives and we want to continue offering individual lessons to those whose may only have a few hours available in the week to improve their Spanish.

Half day Spanish & Yoga

A half day that you are bound to enjoy. Start your day with a yoga class, followed by a delicious breakfast or brunch and then you’re all limbered up for your Spanish classes which follow. Then, you can enjoy the spectacular views of our incredible surroundings….seeing is believing!

Full day Spanish, Yoga & Spa

If the half day is not enough for you, don’t worry…we also offer a full day, where in addition to your yoga and Spanish lessons, you will also have the opportunity for some rest and relaxation in the Spa. We offer a range of treatments to help your unwind…go on, you deserve it!