Face to face

This is one of the “star” activities, since you wiwrite my essayll talk about different topics and experiences with a native Spanish speaker for 50 minutes. Every 50 minutes you will switch partners, so you will speak and listen to volunteers with different accents.

Telephone sessions

Are you usually scared of answering the phone? Are you afraid you cannot continue the conversation or might lose details of an important negotiation or appointment? With this activity, you will practice exactly that, and you will feel more confident next time you answer the phone!


The conferences have become indispensable in business. Two, three or even four participants which set you in different role-play situations and interactive meetings. This activity will also give you the confidence of interacting in any future conferences situations.


Each student should prepare 1 or 2 presentations with the help of the native-Spanish speaker during the programme which will be presented in front of others.


Everyone knows about role-play activities in which you simulate a specific situation. These kieasy writing servicesnds of activities will help us to meet the group and laugh and learn together.


You can enjoy delicious and healthy Mediterranean diet, and see the benefits it has. Even your meal time will be an opportunity to continue speaking and listening while you enjoy the local food.


At LinguaSur we believe that body, mind and soul have to be balanced when you are doing any activity, so we have included 2 yoga lessons adapted to any level. At the same time you are working your body, you will achieve the harmony of your mind and soul.

Activities and local excursions

We have also arranged for you to participate in a day-trip to explore the nature and visiting some of the most beautiful towns, always guided by a Spanish native speaker. Other activities out of the hotel are also included.